The Mini: 2 Sessions devoted to sexuality or empowerment


Make strides with healing, wholing and moving through, in two sessions.

This two-session package was created to get you real results quickly, in the area of life where you need it most. We’ll start with a detailed intake form, so that I can discern what tools will be most helpful on your journey. We’ll meet for two 60-minute online sessions, with practices assigned after each session to support you on your path of transformation.

I don’t offer one-time sessions because this work needs time to integrate, and often needs that second session to fully land in your primal brain and unconscious. We need practice, commitment and the spaces between, where old patterns can begin to become conscious. From there, we can work with what arises.

While a set of nine or more sessions ensures deep healing, we can really shift a lot in just two sessions. You are welcome to sign up for this mini-package again and again.

Investing in personal growth can be a big decision, and when we include something as sensitive as sexuality in the equation, the trepidation can grow exponentially. I understand that it’s important for you to find someone you really connect with, someone you can trust fully.

I would love to meet with you over the phone before you invest in coaching with me. Please fill out the application below, and we’ll find a time to schedule our 30-minute chat.

Our sessions will be tailored to meet your needs. We might delve into:

  • clarifying and communicating your true desires

  • your current beliefs around sexuality and how to shift them

  • learning breathwork to deprogram your unconscious mind

  • deep embodied processes around safety and your inner child

  • deep embodied processes around core wounds from caregivers

  • creating a nourishing relationship with your yoni/womb/pussy

  • accessing more pleasure in masturbation/sex

  • finding more trust in yourself, and less dependence on external validation

  • stepping more fully into your Truth in all areas of life

  • creating epic self-care, self-acceptance, and self-worth

  • tantric practices for more connection to a sacred sexuality

  • and more

Read more about me, my methodologies, and what you can expect, here.

This package is $250 USD and includes audio practices recorded just for you, and email support between sessions/for two weeks after your second session.

To book, fill out the application below.

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