Booking policy

Hands-on/hands-in pelvic work is edgy for most people. This is a new field, and even if you're super-excited about your appointment, you may run into resistance a couple of days before your appointment. That's totally normal. 

This resistance might show up as thoughts like: 

"What was I thinking scheduling this appointment? I don't need this work. I'm doing fine on my own."

"I'm on my period, and I should reschedule." 

"I am terrified of this. I'll reschedule, and maybe that terror will go away." 

"I'll never heal my sexuality. I should just cancel."

"Who is this woman anyway? How can she help me? I'm just going to cancel."

And in a myriad of other ways!

These types of thoughts show up for most people, and that's because: you're on the edge of transformation, and that's edgy for most people. Your mind and your identity constructs want you to stay completely comfortable, instead of foraging off into the unknown. 

I invite you to breathe through the resistance, and to show up for your appointment, knowing that there is some invaluable healing for you on the other side. You can call, text or email me if you have major concerns, any time before your appointment. 

Because of this resistance that often shows up, I have a strict booking policy. I require 48 hours notice if you are canceling or rescheduling (unless there is a real emergency: sickness, etc.). You are allowed one reschedule at no charge. 

I keep a $50 booking fee regardless -- even if you cancel before the 48 hour window. This due to the cost of doing business, and the honoring of our sacred window of time together. 

Your payment is due at the time you make the appointment.

A note about periods

Yes, you can come on your period! I have zero problem with that. You can bleed on my sheets; it's all normal. If you're having a heavy bleeding day and it feels better for you, we'll just do external work. Either way, we'll go slow and honor you and your body.