You can have a relationship with your sexuality that is soulful, nourishing and blissful.


is one of our most primal, natural, beautiful impulses. 

Yet in our society, we are cut off from our sexuality and life-force. This repression breeds issues like lack of desire, stagnation, disconnection, emptiness, and addiction.  

Coming into contact with your own sexuality, and uncovering what lies underneath the conditioning, can be immensely healing.

Because none of us are broken. None of us are beyond repair. 

We just need to shine a light on where we've been, so we can move forward with grace and clarity. Understanding and shifting our old patterns is key in moving toward our desires, and transforming.

I can help you recognize and move past blocks in sex, love, and personal power, so that you can recognize your wholeness, feel easeful in your sexuality, and love/make love in alignment.

Online Sessions – Sexuality & Empowerment Coaching

I help women who feel stuck, stagnant and frustrated move into a true sense of their power, and begin creating the life they’ve always wanted. One that includes connection, creativity and pleasure.

I work with tantric techniques and modern integration tools (emotional liberation, inner child work, breathwork, ritual, self-pleasure practices, and more) to bring you results.

Sessions with me can support you in more self-love, more confidence, better boundaries, and a deeper enjoyment of your sexuality.

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My coaching is for you if:

  • you don’t know what you want or how to ask for it (in bed, in life, or both)

  • you have certain patterns or habits you don’t understand and you’d can’t seem to shift them

  • you’ve had sexual experiences that you can’t get over or digest

  • you carry sexual shame that keeps you from the pleasure you desire

  • you freeze during sex and you don’t know why

  • you feel disconnected from your body or intuition

  • your life looks okay from the outside, but you feel stagnant, stuck, or hopeless

  • you keep dating the “wrong” people

  • you have chronic vaginal infections (BV, yeast, or STIs) that flare up again and again, no matter what you eat or how you treat them (may not seem connected to body/mind coaching, but these often can be healed through this work)

  • you yearn for something more in sex—a deeper connection to God/Goddess, your Self, or your partner

  • you’re having unsatisfying self-pleasure (masturbation) or sex

  • you’re willing to do homework between sessions that includes personalized practices like meditation, journaling, breathwork, self-pleasure, and movement

Our sessions will result in:

  • greater clarity around what you really desire, and a clear way to move toward your desires

  • greater ability to discern what you want, and to ask for what you want

  • a deeper sense of self

  • more pleasure in daily life and in your sexual expression

  • a better understanding of your patterns and how to work with them compassionately to move forward

  • tools you can use for deeper self-awareness, pleasure, and comfort in everyday life

  • a more nourishing relationship with your sexuality, whether you’re single or partnered

  • more empowerment and connection in Life

  • a connection to energetics, spirituality and sacred sexuality, should you desire it

What women are saying …

My work with Lynn is the most important work I’ve ever done for myself. I went into it hoping to get some insight and to maybe change a few things, but I can not stress enough how life-changing this was for me. I did not realize how my past relationships conditioned me to think that I was unworthy of my own love and pleasure. Lynn allowed me to drop into those past feelings with what felt like the warmest arms (even if it was over webcam). I felt that support and that she was really holding space for me.

Some of the work outside of class that Lynn recommended I do was out of my comfort zone—but it brought actual change I can see and feel within me. I am forever grateful that I found Lynn for this work: she is soft, inviting and I never felt like I was being judged for expressing what was going through my head. She shared some of her own experiences that made me feel like I wasn’t alone with my struggles, and went over and beyond with resources and books for me to further my work. I’ve been coached throughout my whole life and this is the most meaningful work I’ve done so far. I recommend this work with Lynn to every woman that has felt disempowered by society’s social norms, and who have the itch inside them for total reclamation of their bodies and feminine power. - Myriam


Lynn has helped me make dramatic movement in only 3 sessions. I instantly felt very comfortable and accepted. We have uncovered deep layers of childhood issues that are getting in between myself and my freedom and access to pleasure, as well as accessing archetypal figures that bring me into more power and ease. Our sessions resonate throughout my life, as I see myself, my habits, and my relationships in new light. Lynn strikes an impressive balance between giving me lots of space to explore and being directive, offering exercises and practices that help me go deeper into my process. Lynn has an easy emotional range -- I feel comfortable laughing or crying or screaming. She has done the work herself which allows her to help others in a genuine and humble way -- I know this because she is open in sharing about herself in ways that deepen my own experience. I am so grateful to Lynn for her loving support and incisive wisdom and I would recommend her to any woman looking to take their femininity to the next level. - Emma

If this resonates with you and you’re ready to begin moving forward with more grace and clarity, please reach out. I’d love to share this transformational process with you, and support you in creating the life you desire.

Your next steps: 

If you'd like to explore working together, please fill out the following application for a free 30 minute Discovery Session. I'll contact you within 48 business hours to set up our online session.

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There has been such a wide spectrum of healing that has happened in my sessions with Lynn it’s hard to know where to start. I came to Lynn to work on aspects of my relationship and my sexuality and have felt so compassionately held and supported in our work together that I have been able to heal and integrate old painful wounds. Lynn’s wisdom around sacred sex and sexuality is deeply rooted in who she is as a person so I always feel in a very deep and knowledgable space.  And what I am most grateful for is her guidance is always from a realistic standpoint, never asking too much from me and my partner but really taking note of who we both are as people and giving us tools that have changed our dynamic. The energetic breathwork Lynn has lead me through has been some of the most significant experiences of all the breathwork I have done over the years, and I felt real change immediately after the session. I put this down to Lynn’s powerful energy and the gentle sacred space she holds. - Laura

As a 35 year old woman who has only recently decided to explore and develop her sexuality in a deeper, more intimate way I couldn't have asked for a better guide than Lynn.  The minute we connected online I instantly felt relaxed and open to sharing with her my intention for exploring a more sacred sexuality.  Her breath work recommendations were super easy to practice and helped me to drop in to my body and feel any constriction.  Her expertise is so broad that I was able to speak about sexuality and spirituality interchangeably.  I recommend connecting with Lynn if you have any inkling of interest in exploring what it means to be a woman beyond what we are taught by our culture and society.  Its a beautiful process and Lynn is the perfect guide for this journey. - MG

Working with Lynn made me realize how important it is to talk about sex with someone who is trained specifically to work with sexuality. It made all difference! She brings a lot of humor and genuine care to each session and the practices she chose for me were spot on. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for guidance around sexuality and relationships.  - Sydney

I loved working with Lynn! She's such open and easy to talk to, very refreshing and warm. She helped me with money and inner child wound issues as well as finding my empowered self. We were able to find my inner Feminine and Masculine through customized meditations and exercises. At all times I felt very safe to share my experiences with her no matter how ugly they might have seemed. I'm definitely wanting to have at least a once a month follow up after our sessions, this is how connected I feel. This is the first time I ever receive coaching and I'd always say no because other coaches didn't inspire the level of trust we developed.

All the exercises were easy to do and flexible, I enjoyed the meditations and breathwork—I feel I got lots of growth from them. Some felt intimidating at first but they work! I've been able to connect more with my inner child, and work on becoming my own warrior. I feel I'm in a deeper connection with my empowered warrior goddess and I thank Lynn's guidance and acceptance. I would recommend her to anyone looking to work on empowerment, inner child wounds and self-confidence. - Michelle