Bringing the Power of Acceptance Into Your Self-Pleasure

The pressure to have an orgasm.

The pressure to have a g-spot orgasm, a spiritual orgasm, a cervical orgasm, multiple orgasms. The pressure to squirt. The pressure to experience something new.

All quests can become rigid if we let them. We can grip too tightly to any endeavor.

One of the paradoxical keys to more pleasure is less trying. More surrender.

The next time you find yourself judging your experience:

(that sounds like, “why is this taking so long?” “Dammit, I shouldn’t be tensing my legs.” “Why does it take me so long to get wet or aroused?” “Oh no, I’m having that familiar fantasy again.”)

Try repeating over and over, “I accept this moment.”

“I accept the tensing of my muscles.”

“I accept that I don’t feel pleasure right now.”

“I accept this fantasy.”

Start there. Accept. Surrender. See what untangles