Writefully: an Online Immersion into Writing and Sexuality


Writing isn’t easy.

It can be confronting. Terrifying, even. 

Writing shines a spotlight onto your inner landscape, and gives voice to everything that lives there. Writing makes your secret inner realm tangible to the big, bad outside world. Writing can bring your deepest and darkest to the surface. 

And that can be scary territory.

But what lives inside us longs to be expressed—and if you've felt the suffocation and frustration of writer's block, you know this. Not sharing what lives inside of us hurts deeply, and it stunts our emotional, vocational, and relational growth.

The best writing is the rawest writing. The most vulnerable. The kind of writing that surprises you with its courage and authenticity. 

In Writefully, I'll teach you how to write like that. 

And just to make the proposition as enticing and breathtaking as possible, we'll incorporate simple yet profound sexuality practices, to awaken your creative potential.

Yes, I did say sexuality practices. 

That's because, as far as I can tell, healing your relationship to your sexuality, and to your creativity, are one in the same. 

Moving toward better writing and a vibrant sexuality both take:

  1. devotion (daily practice + showing up).

  2. structure (grammar, syntax; tools, techniques).

  3. honesty (soul excavation, being true to yourself).

  4. letting go (letting your work see the light of day, putting down the red pen; surrendering to feeling, being vulnerable). 

Watch the video below for a deeper explanation of how creativity and sexuality are connected, and for two practices you can use today for better writing, and increased vitality.

About the Course

During Writefully, you'll receive weekly exercises, for writing and pleasure exploration. You'll write what you need to write during the course, whether that be short vignettes about sexuality, or the About Me for your website. We’ll meet for 30 minutes each week to edit your work and discuss your practices. You’ll become a better writer, and a better self-lover. The investment is $333, for four weeks.

I highly recommend choosing the option with coaching and editing, because of the incredible value and opportunity for transformation. But if you would like, you may choose an option without the weekly meetings. Enroll in the self-paced course (PDF + audio) for $111. 


Writefully is for you if you desire:

  • to be a writer, but something (life, a job, parenting, self-doubt) gets in the way

  • to explore your sexuality … and the idea of having a memoir of your investigation intrigues you

  • to renew (or begin) your relationship with the Muse

  • a rich, transformative course that will change your relationship with your sexuality, your art, and yourself

  • to nerd out on writing while growing more connected to your body and vitality

  • an opportunity to receive guidance from me at an amazing value


I’m so excited for the transformation you'll experience during this course. I would love for you to join me for this unique, held experience, where you will no-doubt learn to be a better writer, and a better self-lover.


Show up with me. We’ll unlock your creative expression, and catapult you into more self-love and pleasure at the same time. Is there anything better than that?


Video for landing page … how are art and sexuality connected? Will healing my sexuality help me become a better writer, or vice versa? A tool you can use now to become a better writer (timed writing), and a tool you can use for more vitality (breathwork)