You can have a sexuality that feels deep, soulful, nourishing and blissful.

You can heal from sexual shame and wounding, and the stories you’ve accumulated over the years that are holding you back.

You are fully capable of connecting more deeply with your body, and honoring her whispers, her desires, her intuition and boundaries.

You can experience orgasmic states that are like nothing you’ve ever imagined. You can experience rivulets of sexual energy, experience yourself as a goddess, and feel yourself as fully worthy of pleasure.

Wherever you are on your sexual journey, I want you to know that you are not stuck, broken, or beyond repair.

Love, you are filled with pleasure potential and possibility.

There is always a path back to your original erotic essence: to innocence, play, healthy desire, and freedom. To your birthright: unbridled, joyful pleasure.

I’m here to help you recognize and move past blocks in sex, love, and personal power, so that you can recognize your wholeness, feel easeful in your sexuality, and love/make love in alignment.

(Not to mention … have incredibly powerful, transcendental orgasms!)

I’d love to connect and see how working together might serve you.

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I'm Lynn, and I help people experience magical sex and connection.

I’m a sexuality guide and pleasure coach, and I support those who feel like there must be something more to sex & masturbation. I help you create a life filled with connection, creativity, pleasure, and a thriving sexuality.

Integrating sexual shame and wounding results in more self-worth, confidence, and acceptance. In our work together we’ll heal wounds from the past, and open you up to new pleasure possibilities.

So often we’ve done so much personal development work, yet there’s still something missing: perhaps we’re not owning our unique gifts, stepping into full visibility in the world, or drawing in amazing partners. Often that missing piece is unshaming sexuality and pleasure: integrating the sacral chakra as a welcome, cherished part of the whole.

Come home to your body, your power, and a deep connection with yourself … not to mention unlimited orgasmic potential! Let’s talk about how on a free call.