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Hi, I'm Lynn Marie, and I've worked in the realm of sexuality for 20 years. I’m a sexuality coach, and a feminine empowerment coach, certified through the Tantric Institute for Integrated Sexuality with Layla Martin.

I dove deep into sexual healing and conscious sexuality in 2013 (and before that, I lived a turbulent and intriguing life that you can read about when you sign up for my email list below—I promise, I won't email you often, and it will always be interesting when I do). 

I have a BA in Professional Writing, and literally went to college full-time for over eight years (how can anyone stop going to school when there are classes like Egyptology and Abnormal Psychology and Ethics to take?!). I may be a teacher, but I am an eternal student.

During school, I worked in a sex toy/porn shop. After school, I switched to Jill-of-All-Trades at an online sex toy company, writing product descriptions and sex guides, and editing erotica-filled ebooks. I also worked customer service for our online chat (the internet trolls who live there will teach you all you need to know about sexual shadow and our culture's dark underbelly in under an hour).

Enter seven years of sexual healing and you have me at present day:

I consider myself a warrior for love and pleasure, and it's my goal to support you to experience and express the bliss of a healthy, vibrant, unfettered sexuality, free from old stories and shame.

I have a huge interest in all things spiritual and psychological as well: I’m well-versed in energy work, tarot, astrology, magick, Enneagram, shamanic journey, jade egg, tantra, and yoga, just to name a few!

I’m here to help you recognize and move past blocks in sex, love, and personal power, so that you can recognize your wholeness, feel easeful in your sexuality, and love/make love in alignment.

With the right guidance, we are all capable of drastically changing our relationship with sex and pleasure (and creativity, and money, and self-love, and on and on). Reach out if you feel the call toward transforming your relationship with sex, and life itself.

I have been called a radical priestess in the art of unshaming, a lantern bearer in the darkness, a sacred connector, a sexual Disney princess, and a lover of the divine (obviously by some pretty amazing, poetic people). I seek to uphold these aspects of my soul through my work, and through the ways I serve you. 

I'm here to help you revel in the delight of your natural sexuality, take your power back, and live a soulful, erotic life. 

Most of my work is online, and I live in Colorado. Learn more here.


adjective /ˈsakrəl,ˈsākrəl/

1) having to do with the sacral chakra or second energy center. Where our sexuality, creativity, personal power, money & worth issues, and shame reside. 

2) of, for or relating to sacred rites (rights)



noun /əmˈpouərmənt/

taking responsibility, integrating our discarded parts, owning ourselves fully, knowing that we are the writers and directors of our stories. Becoming our own healers.

certified sexuality coach