Become a better (self-) lover with these online courses…


Healing Self-Pleasure

My signature mini-course takes you on a path of bringing self-love, safety and divinity to your self-pleasure practice. Tend to your blocks around self-pleasure and learn the basic tools for expanding orgasm. Learn to turn self-pleasure into the deepest, most nourishing self-care. $47. (coming early Sept 2019)

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Deep Pleasure: Reclaiming Your Erotic Essence

Work with body, mind and soul to release limiting beliefs and energies around sexuality. Come into your own narrative around sex and self-pleasure. Discover your authentic, free, blissful sexuality through meditations, worksheets, and guided self-pleasure.


Jade Egg Magick

Working with a jade egg helps you come to the embodied, real belief that ecstasy isn’t outside you: it’s something you can create at any time for yourself. In this course we explore jade egg basics, pleasure, and orgasmic awakening. Plus, my favorite, sex magick—an amazing tool for realizing your goals!

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Feel to Heal Breathwork Journey

Live breathwork classes where you’ll release emotional and energetic stagnation, connect to your higher self, and move into a state of inspiration. You’ll learn the basics of breathwork and how it can bring you into further alignment—and you’ll benefit from held space (and epic playlists) as you breathe.