Jade Egg Magick:

8 weeks to awakened pleasure, sexual energy & orgasmic potential

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with Lynn Wolfbrandt, certified love, sex & relationship coach


Imagine a life filled with so much pleasure.

Sprinkled liberally with more connection to your body and your intuition.

Rich with increased libido, creativity and inspiration.

Not to mention healthier boundaries and the ability to say No … so that when you do feel a Yes, it’s full on, brimming with excitement.

Imagine a practice that leaves you feeling radiant, confident, and magnetic, fully embodying your feminine and bringing that energy into your world.

A practice that helps you digest grief and self-judgment, so that you can come out with self-acceptance and softness on the other side.

Imagine knowing fully that ecstasy isn’t outside of you; it’s something you can create for yourself at any time.

The jade egg (or yoni egg) is a truly magical tool that supports you in awakening your sexual energy.


A regular jade egg practice is an amazing way to come home to your body, heal from wounding sexual experiences, and, of course … awaken your yoni so you can experience epic orgasms.

$297 investment for 8 modules; or two payments of $165

In Jade Egg Magick, you’ll learn all kinds of ways to not only use your jade egg, but awaken your sexual energy for access to feminine sexuality & orgasmic states. You’ll experience practices that assist you in gently healing trauma and shame. You’ll even learn to use your sexual energy to create and manifest what you deeply desire.

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“This course resulted in a revolutionary (for me) sense of safety around self pleasure. It opened up a whole new realm for me. I had never been comfortable putting my fingers inside myself and was super nervous about using the egg but drawn to the idea of maturing into a comfortable, healthy relationship with such a powerful part of my body.

From the first videos I ever watched of Lynn talking about jade eggs I knew she would be the gentle, wise guide who could take me there in a way that felt natural and empowering and I was not disappointed at all! I am really so so grateful and amazed at Lynn's ability to make this practice so accessible and comfortable. Anyone who is drawn to this course should 100% do it. This course was everything I hoped to learn, connect to, and grow comfortable with and more.” - Katherine

“In Jade Egg Magick, I connected deeper to myself in a form that I’m now believing is such a beautiful, feminine way of embodied meditation. If you want to learn a beautiful and empowering self-pleasure practice, take this class.” - B.K.

Jade Egg Magick shares the ancient secrets of the yoni egg, taught in modern, easily digestible ways.

We'll cover sexual energy work and practices; womb clearing and cord cutting in ceremony; the right way to do a Kegel for strength and suppleness; g-spot and breast pleasure practices; AND I’ll teach you a practice that’s worth the price of admission—sex magick!

(Sex magick is using your sexual energy to achieve your everyday goals: from more confidence to attracting an amazing lover to healing the planet, and everything in-between).

I know it can be mind-boggling to think that a little stone can change your life, but my yoni egg changed me forever. It gave me a deep knowing and understanding that ecstasy lived inside ME.

Ecstasy wasn't outside of me, waiting for me in the perfect lover. It was an accessible energy, connected to the Universe and to the beauty of creation, and it was mine to savor, grow and use for my highest and greatest good. My yoni egg infused me with pleasure, radiance, confidence, and the kind of healthy boundaries that resulted in manifesting magnificent lovers.

A jade egg practice allows us to wake up to the creative life force and potential within us, while opening us up to deep pleasure. The practice can change how you feel about your sexuality, how you show up in partnership or with a lover, how you date, and how you inhabit yourself.

During the course, you’ll:

  • develop trust in yourself around your sexual choices

  • deepen your experience with sexual energy

  • move toward different types of orgasms

  • shed shame and move forward from negative experiences

  • feel more sensation and pleasure in your vagina

  • connect with your embodied wisdom

jade egg magick

Here’s how the course will flow:

8 weekly modules with audio, video and resources

Weeks One: Basic Energy Practices, Breast Massage, and Energy-Activating Breaths/Meditations.

Week Two: The Basic Jade Egg Practice

Week Three: Womb Clearing Ceremony + gentle trauma release and boundary repair

Week Four: Basics Part 2

Week Five: Pleasure Breathwork + Practice

Week Six: G-spot Orgasmic Awakening

Week Seven: Orgasmic Breasts

Week Eight: Real-Life Sex Magick (using your jade egg for a higher purpose)

Dates: This course is currently being offered as self-study, so you can join when you like and move at your own pace! The course will launch as a group course again in 2020.

Investment: $297

see optional 2-Month Payment Plan, Below

What You Receive: The course includes 8 weeks of instruction, videos and audio practices you can keep forever, an invaluable connection to and awakening of your sexuality.

This course is so powerful, and it’s a beautiful way to reclaim yourself as a sexual being, reprogram limiting beliefs, access your intuition, and experience more pleasure.

Want to set up a payment plan instead?

Set up your payment plan here: $165/month in two monthly payments

In the Paypal note, please tell me the email you’d like to use for course communications, so I can get you enrolled!

Watch my free masterclass on the jade egg!

Reclaiming our sexual energy is one of the ways we can become whole, and move forward on our soul’s path with confidence and grace.

Tapping into this this wellspring of energy gives us access to more pleasure and to our original essence: who we truly are beneath the stories and conditioning.

When we unshame our sexuality, we often drop unhealthy habits, like unconscious sex or masturbation, eating too much sugar, picking lovers or partners who don’t treat us well, or tolerating jobs or situations that no longer serve us.

This course will introduce you to the incredible jade egg: a tool that has changed so many women’s relationships with themselves, sexuality, spirit, and life.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the structure of the course and classes?

Modules will open weekly, and you’ll have full access to me through email to answer your questions. Plan to devote at least 45 minutes to the course every week, more if you’re enjoying the practices! I’ll release a mix of shorter and longer practices so that you can choose your length of practice.

I’ll record video Q&As for the group as questions are asked.

Can I take the class on my own timetable? I’m really busy.

Absolutely. As a group we’ll go week-by-week, but there is no “getting behind.” You’ll have access to the course materials forever.

I’m pregnant. Can I join the course?

Unfortunately, no. The yoni egg is not recommended for pregnant women. However, it is amazing for women who are postpartum. If you’re more than six weeks postpartum and don’t have any prohibitive birth injuries, you’re welcome to join us! 

I’ve used a jade egg before and felt nothing—nada! Is it worth it for me to join?

Yes, 100%. Imagine putting in a tampon. When it’s in the right place, you can’t feel anything. When you use a jade egg without guidance or energy work, you won’t feel it. As you begin to practice more, you may feel it, you may not. What’s important is that you will begin to feel your sexual energy, and learn to work with the egg to awaken, heal and manifest.

I have an egg but it’s large/not drilled/not made of jade. Can I use it for this course?

I am a big fan of jade, which is why the course is called “jade egg magick,” and not “yoni egg magick.” Real jade has a strong integrity, and can withstand all the sexual energy we’ll be working with. Obsidian is another stone you can work with—I advise against rose quartz because it is porous (not great for hygiene, can crack easily).

Size is personal preference as well, though I am a fan of the medium in general because it helps build sensitivity.

I do instruct for a drilled egg, so sometimes you will hear me say, “pull on the string as you squeeze your egg.” The resistance helps build strength, and there are certain pleasure practices that feel good when you pull or vibrate the egg (using the string). If you feel you can easily birth your undrilled egg and don’t want to invest in a new egg, you’re welcome to try the practices with the egg you have.

Where can I get an egg?

I recommend grabbing an egg here. It’s my absolute favorite one at a great price. If you don't receive your egg before the course starts, there will be plenty to do with breath and visualization in the first weeks, to tide you over before your egg arrives.

I currently have a yeast infection or an STI outbreak. Can I take the course?

The egg is a beautiful way to reconnect with your yoni if you’re prone to outbreaks or infections. We often blame or shame our sexuality, or have negative self-talk when our vaginas aren’t “behaving” the way we’d like. Using the egg gives you a new way to honor and come into conversation with your vagina.

However, I don’t recommend using an egg internally during a yeast infection or STI outbreak. You can do the same practices without an egg, or simply place the egg near you or externally, on your womb. In my experience (and I’m not a doctor, this is not medical advice), the energy practices are helpful for fostering a healthy vagina and vulva.

I have sexual trauma and I’m afraid to open a can of worms with this course. Is this course for me?

The jade egg has helped me to heal from sexual trauma, both through conscious sexual healing practice, and from the empowerment it provided me in understanding that my sexuality belongs to me.

If you’ve experienced acute sexual trauma and have not sought counseling, I recommend you have extra support during the course—either through one-on-one coaching sessions with me, or with another practitioner.

I feel a bit nervous about the course—does that mean it's a bad idea to take it?

Not at all. The jade egg might be totally foreign to you, and we can have a fearful reaction to anything new. Investing in our sexuality is something that's new for a lot of us too—for the longest time, women haven't had much agency in this area, and if we did, we were outcast or called a slut. Moving into a upleveled and healthy sexuality can feel like a bold move.

I invite you to tap into your desire and inner knowing around the jade egg—why are you drawn to it? What's the mysterious pull, and the gold on the other side (hint: pleasure, empowerment, radiance, confidence, better orgasms, and more)?

Do you offer refunds on the course?

No, I do not. Sexuality work is deep! You may encounter your unconscious mind and limiting beliefs during the course. Sign up if you are drawn—knowing that this is a commitment to yourself, your sexuality, your empowerment and your pleasure. The simple act of signing up will begin to shift your relationship to sexuality.

The course is yours to keep, so if you do come up against resistance, you may take a break and come back to the course at any time.

If you have more questions or would like to connect, feel free to schedule a 20 minute call with me. You can schedule here.

What Participants are Saying

“I attended Lynn's Jade Egg Magic in Spring 2019. I was surprised at how in depth it was! I have studied similar topics in my other trainings, so not all of it was new, but it was put together in a profound way.

Working with Lynn is fun and authentic. I think in tantric trainings that transparent honesty and vulnerability is really important, and she makes me feel at ease and safe every time I attend her trainings. I find her as a library of knowledge and wisdom. Full of kindness and understanding of human experience.

Lynn holds space with ease and grace, no judgement, only support and lightness of being. If you do homework given, you will experience changes in your life. When she speaks about magic she means magic!

Sometimes we forget to play, but she will take you to that bubbly, giggling, deep dive experience which feels simple and easy—yet so profound. In all honesty I am afraid of many tantric teachers, but with Lynn I trust her wholeheartedly and with PLEASURE recommend her to anyone who loves to learn of magical existence through pleasure. High vibes and amazing light.” - K. H.

“Finding the jade egg was a turning point, not only for my self pleasure practice, but in a deep exploration of myself and my body. Lynn’s classes were the perfect guided pathway into the jade egg and all its magick. She makes the process playful, spiritual, accessible and honors the vast uniqueness and beauty of each feminine soul.” - L.S.

“The depth I just went to is understanding that while this is a physical practice it really is a journey home to get to know my body and develop a beautiful relationship with her and get in touch with my feminine power, and the wisdom and love, compassion and joy she holds … Thank you so much for the beautiful journey. It was so rich and I will miss connecting”. - C.H.