Self-Expressed: Empowerment Coaching

3 Months to Deeper Self-Love & Authentic Self-Expression

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Self-Expressed is a three-month one-on-one coaching program dedicated to deep emotional healing, rewilding, and embodied pleasure, so that you can step into the world as more of your real, raw, unique and gifted self.

“There’s gotta be more than this.”

More to life than working to support someone else’s dream and wealth, and ending up filled with frustration and ennui.

More to the world than what we can see with the naked eye; there’s something greater you want to connect to, but how do you find it?

You’re guessing there’s gotta be more to self-care than getting a pedicure, and more to self-love than repeating another affirmation and hoping it finally lands.

More to self-confidence than wearing clothes that fit and flatter, or studying the right way to ask for a raise.

More to sex and masturbation than a quick climax or worse, a feeling of total disconnection from yourself or your lover.

Yes, love, there is more than this.

And it comes from deeply accessing your mind and body, so that you can work with what’s holding you back, bringing your unconscious patterns and inherited beliefs to the surface … so that you may begin to move toward your truest and most authentic desires, consciously and filled with the fire of your soul purpose.

This is what we’ll do in Self-Expressed.

Self-Expressed supports you in stepping into the truth of who you are in all things: life, livelihood, and sexuality.

Self-Expressed is for you if:

  • you have a tendency to play it small and want to make progress toward taking up more space in the world

  • you depend on external validation, and instead want to cultivate and honor your own inner knowing

  • you want to be able to trust yourself and your decisions

  • you don’t know what you want or how to ask for it

  • you have certain patterns or habits you don’t understand and you’d can’t seem to shift them

  • you feel disconnected from your body or intuition

  • your life looks okay from the outside, but you feel stagnant, stuck, or hopeless

  • you crave a deeper connection to Source, Spirit, or the universe

  • you have an inkling that including your sexuality in your healing will give you access to a deeper purpose and vitality (it will!)

    You’ll leave our coaching with:

  • a stronger sense of groundedness, passion and purpose

  • greater self-acceptance and self-love

  • an ability to show up where you previously avoided or stayed small

  • a stronger sense of intuition and inner knowing

  • real excitement around moving forward

  • more inner resource and tools for trying times

  • a stronger connection to your sensuality, femininity and sexuality

I call this work Feminine Empowerment Coaching.

This isn’t because I only work with cis-women. This is because the Feminine, or the more yin aspects of our essence, are often shamed or bullied out of us when we are children. Reclaiming our emotions and original nature is often the boost we need to love all our parts and move forward with more self-acceptance, regardless of our gender.

Together, we’ll look at your childhood woundings and the places where your caregivers didn’t give you enough love, attention, or support (even if they desired to). We’ll use energetic practices, deep body-mind coaching processes, and other tools to shore up your self-acceptance, self-love, and self-worth, so that you can deeply meet your own needs. From there you’ll begin to make headway toward your authentic desires and expression, without being held back by unconscious beliefs and patterns.

So often, those of us with more yin characteristics have amazing gifts to give the world. We are open-hearted, tender, and empathetic. AND we’re people-pleasers (even if we’ve been working on it for a while). We make sure we have permission from our loved ones and community before we make a bold move. Or we experience fear that holds us back from our biggest dreams.

Self-Expressed is about slowly and gently shifting that. Treating ourselves with great care, always, as we begin to shed the old stories and conditioning.

What if …

  • you could be feminine AND powerful?

  • there’s a different type of power than what you see commonly abused today?

  • your emotional nature could be a gift and not a hinderance?

  • you could truly feel and process your emotions without fear, and that was a method of healing in itself?

  • you could make decisions from a soul and heart-centered place, without worry about what others might think, or fear that you wouldn’t be supported by the universe?

Self-Expressed: Our Time Together

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Working Through Unconscious Beliefs and Patterning

Sessions 1-3: Your True desire, Inner child Love, caregiver transformation, and Discovering empowering identities

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Embodiment, Empowerment, & Moving Forward

Sessions 4-6: Self-worth, working with embodied patterns, empowered truths and moving forward with clarity

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Holistic Sexual Expression & Worthiness

Session 7-9: Holistic sexual pleasure and expression, gentle shame and trauma healing, expanding your pleasure, and/or tantric practices for deeper pleasure

Optional free upgrade:

If you desire, I’ll use my tarot and astrology skills to deepen our work together. I offer a simple read of your birth chart for more clarity on your current life events and soul’s purpose, and use the tarot in each session for deeper guidance. Energy work can be built into your sessions as well!

What people are saying …

“Lynn has helped me make dramatic movement in only 3 sessions. I instantly felt very comfortable and accepted. We have uncovered deep layers of childhood issues that are getting in between myself and my freedom and access to pleasure, as well as accessing archetypal figures that bring me into more power and ease. Our sessions resonate throughout my life, as I see myself, my habits, and my relationships in new light. Lynn strikes an impressive balance between giving me lots of space to explore and being directive, offering exercises and practices that help me go deeper into my process.

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Lynn has an easy emotional range -- I feel comfortable laughing or crying or screaming. She has done the work herself which allows her to help others in a genuine and humble way -- I know this because she is open in sharing about herself in ways that deepen my own experience. I am so grateful to Lynn for her loving support and incisive wisdom and I would recommend her to any woman looking to take their femininity to the next level.” - Emma

“I loved working with Lynn! She's such open and easy to talk to, very refreshing and warm. She helped me with money and inner child wound issues as well as finding my empowered self. We were able to find my inner Feminine and Masculine through customized meditations and exercises. At all times I felt very safe to share my experiences with her no matter how ugly they might have seemed. I'm definitely wanting to have at least a once a month follow up after our sessions, this is how connected I feel. This is the first time I ever receive coaching and I'd always say no because other coaches didn't inspire the level of trust we developed.

All the exercises were easy to do and flexible, I enjoyed the meditations and breathwork—I feel I got lots of growth from them. I've been able to connect more with my inner child, and work on becoming my own warrior. I feel I'm in a deeper connection with my empowered warrior goddess and I thank Lynn's guidance and acceptance. I would recommend her to anyone looking to work on empowerment, inner child wounds and self-confidence.” - Michelle

What you receive in Self-Expressed:

  • three months of commitment to your growth

  • nine 60-minute one-on-one coaching sessions with me

  • guided audio meditations and journaling prompts (created just for you)

  • real-world action steps and exercises

  • email and Voxer support between sessions

  • a shame-free & conscious container where you can explore your patterns, blocks, desires, and dreams

  • understanding, reflection, accountability, and real support

  • the opportunity to heal on a deep level and move forward in your life with greater ease, purpose and connection

Who am I?

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I’m a certified sex and love coach with a focus on female sexuality and empowerment. I work with modern psychological integration tools (emotional liberation, inner child work, aspecting, breathwork, ritual, and more) to bring you results. We’ll work not only with your mind, but with your body, to get all of you on board for profound transformation.

I love supporting people to fully step into their unique gifts and purpose in the world. It is more important than ever (for the health of the planet and future generations) that those of us who are feeling the call to be of service, do so. This means healing our wounded parts so that we can truly support more people on the path of healing.

My coaching is unique in that I coach the whole you: there’s no compartmentalization. Sexuality and sexual energy are potent forces inside us, and healing in this area means we are more whole, more fully online to serve our purpose—and can feel more joy, gratitude and embodiment as we move toward our dreams. In our coaching you’ll learn to use your sexual energy in service of your healing and greater purpose.


What are the program details?

We’ll work together for three months, in which you’ll have nine coaching sessions.

We meet online, via the video conferencing software Zoom, for 60-minute sessions. We’ll meet once per week, with one week off each month for integration and rest.

You’ll receive home play in the form of meditations, tailored guided audios, self-pleasure, breathwork, journaling prompts, or movement, each week. We’ll work together to make it manageable for your schedule and lifestyle.

Is this program only for women?

I work with all genders, binary and non-binary, trans and cis. I am very selective about the men I work with, and only work with men who are in touch with their Feminine, and who are respectful and honoring of consent and boundaries.

I’d love more details about the program.

This package is 9 sessions over three months (three sessions/month). It includes individually tailored audios and practices created just for you, and access to me between sessions.

During our initial 45-minute mini-coaching call, we’ll discuss everything: where you are now and where you’d like to be, how the program works, the pricing, and the payment options available to you.

Payment plans are available.

Ready to sign up? I’d love to talk with you about working together. Please fill out the short application below, and I’ll contact you to schedule an Alignment Call, where we can make sure we’re a great fit and you can ask me any questions. I look forward to connecting with you!

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