Deep Pleasure: Reclaiming Your Erotic Essence

an online course with certified sexuality coach Lynn Wolfbrandt

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Discover what life feels like when sexuality is pleasurable and nourishing.

Sexuality as sacred.
Sexuality as self-love.
Sexuality as freedom.

Can you imagine that world?

I can. I’ve felt the power of connecting with my sexuality in my own life, and I want all of us to taste the empowerment that comes with feeling sexually safe, free and desirous, all at once.

Any of this sound familiar?

  • you've gotten so many mixed messages about sexuality

  • you’ve endured wounding or shaming around sexuality

  • you feel there must be something more to sex (maybe you've even glimpsed it after a glorious night with a lover or an especially epic masturbation session), but at the same time, you fear exploring it

  • through sex ed, news, and perhaps religion or caregivers, you've been told there's something to fear around sexuality

  • your desire or arousal don’t act the way they “should,” so you feel broken

I promise you, you are not broken.

Most of us have internalized all kinds of beliefs around sexuality—from caregivers, partners, lovers, religion, our experiences ... and some pieces of us are clinging to those belief systems. These pieces might not be conscious.

This is why we can desire to have an empowered narrative around sex, yet as soon as we’re self-pleasuring or having sex with a partner, everything changes. We feel self-judgement, shame or fear again.

This is a familiar experience for all of us—and together, in Deep Pleasure, we'll do the work to release what holds us back. Only then can we access the wellspring of healing and pleasure that sexuality has to offer.

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In the course, we'll go slow, and gently parse out your old beliefs. You'll come to understand how they were installed, and what part of you (your inner child, your inner teen, etc.) is holding onto those beliefs. You'll delve into embodied practices like dance and cathartic movement to begin shaking loose what no longer serves.

We'll work with body, mind and soul to help release these patterns.

You'll also learn the power of pleasure, and slowly, over time, begin to use self-pleasure as a powerfully healing crucible. Not only will you learn techniques that bring more pleasure, you'll learn how to use self-pleasure to shift old beliefs, and step fully into the sex goddess that lives inside you—your unique flavor and version of vibrant sexuality, and no one else's.

In our five weeks together, you'll undergo deep transformational processes that help uncover the truth of who you were meant to be, without the cultural conditioning, without old beliefs around sexuality and self-pleasure.

So that you can thrive sexually, however that looks for you.

Sexually thriving looks different for each and every one of us. One person might be monogamous, another polyamorous. Another may love casual sex, another may only desire epic self-pleasure. This isn't about making you into someone you're not. It's about letting you be fully yourself—giving you full permission and freedom to explore YOUR expression of sexuality.

We'll do this oh-so-slowly, with an emphasis on safety and personal freedom, all while holding the hand of the piece of us who might be frightened or unsure.

Are you ready to join us?

This is a revolution not only in pleasure, but in becoming whole: opening you to the life-force and sexual energy that is your birthright.
Your sexuality is not dangerous.
It is, in fact, one of the most healing resources you possess.

Sign up to move into a vibrant, playful, empowered relationship with your sexuality.

This course is for you if:

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  • you are deeply curious about having a better relationship with your sexuality and yourself (i.e. more pleasure & empowerment!)

  • you know there’s something more to sex and masturbation, but you’re not sure how to get there

  • you’re experiencing shame, numbness, or fear around sex or masturbation

  • you can’t contact your sexual desire, or you feel too much sexual desire

  • you get worried about doing it “right” in sex or self-pleasure

  • you’ve experienced sexual wounding or sexual shame

  • you desire a more loving, nourishing connection to your body

  • you're desiring more pleasure during self-pleasure and sex

Deep Pleasure: The Logistics

Module One: 
Setting Intentions, Uncovering Our Unconscious Beliefs, & Transmuting Emotion

Module Two: 
All About Female Arousal, Womb and Pussy Love Practice, Daily Pleasure, & the Self-Intimacy Meditation

Module Three:
Shifting Your Current Sexual Story

Module Four: 
Feeling Into an Empowering Identity

Module Five: 

Sex Breath: Breathing and Sounding, Self-Pleasure Session One

Module Six:

Self-Pleasure Session Two

Module Seven:

Self-Pleasure Session Three, Celebrations, and Next Steps

All of the materials are pre-recorded.

++ Add Coaching to Deep Pleasure ++

Receive the course materials plus two 60-minute coaching sessions with me. This option is a deep-dive into your sexuality, with nurturing support around the themes that come up for you. This settles the work deep into your bones, and allows for even deeper, personalized transformation. 

I'm offering ten discounted coaching spots with this program, and I highly recommend investing if you can. This work is so special and deep. Adding coaching to the course allows you to really step into the work, discover what's blocking you, and move forward with more ease.

Sessions may address:

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  • deeper healing around sexual shame and wounding

  • how to bring this material and what you're learning into your relationship

  • clarifying what you need and desire

  • instilling a deeper sense of safety around sexuality

  • moving toward confidence, worthiness and deservingness

  • finding deeper pleasure in self-pleasure and sex

  • and more

*These sessions may or may not be available to purchase during your time in the program, depending on how many women signup beforehand. To secure your spot, please purchase now. The option to add coaching will be presented to you in-cart after you purchase the course.





How much time do I need to devote to the program?

This course is self-directed, and you may take as much time as you need with the modules. I suggest taking one-two weeks with each module, which rounds out to about 1-2 hours each week. There's always the opportunity to delve more deeply into worksheets and meditations, and to journal more as well.


Guided self-pleasure practices? How do those work?

The course is pre-recorded, and there are three audios where I'll be guiding you in self-pleasure (masturbation). This is all done in the safety and comfort of your own home. All you'll need is your body, and perhaps some organic coconut oil and lube. There will be no group self-pleasure sessions or videos of anyone self-pleasuring.


Is this class private?

Yes, you will remain anonymous in the course.


Can we ask questions about the material and processes?

Yes! I'm here to support you every step of the way; you’ll email me and I’ll answer your questions within 48 business hours. I’ll record a video or audio for more in-depth questions.


I've experienced intense sexual trauma. I'm a bit afraid to do an online course.

As a fellow survivor, I empathize. It depends where you are with your history. Have you worked with a professional on these experiences? Do you see a therapist or trauma resolution specialist regularly? If you have worked through some of your experiences and feel resourced, please join the course. 

If you haven't been able to get support around this issue, consider investing in that first, and then coming back to the course. I am trauma-informed and my coaching style reflects that, but I am not a trained trauma specialist. Please reach out to me if you'd like to feel into whether the program is the right fit for you.


I don't have sexual trauma that I know of, but I feel shutdown sexually. Is this class for me?

Yes. You are still likely carrying limiting beliefs around sexuality if you aren't experiencing full vibrancy, desire and pleasure. This course will support you in working with your body and mind to get there.

Join me in Deep Pleasure to deepen your journey to more pleasure, deeper orgasmic states and your true erotic potential.