Feel to Heal

Breathwork for embodiment, Emotional Release, and Pleasure

August 15 - September 5, 2019

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I can divide my life neatly into two categories: before and after breathwork.

Before breathwork I wasn't sure how to move emotion. I wasn't sure what to do when I felt anxious, sad, overwhelmed or numb, and I seemed to just sit in those emotions, watching them compound upon one another.

In yoga class I’d hear teachers repeat " you need to feel it to heal it," but I just seemed to FEEL it. Over and over, with no end in sight.

My emotions weren't always super intense, but often something was a bit off. You know when you'd love to cry, but the tears aren't there yet? Or you have an anxious vibe that doesn't seem connected to anything, yet you can't shake it?

These are the kinds of states that breathwork can help you to work through and release. Along with the deeper, heavier emotions. The ones that stop you in your tracks and keep you from doing your true Work in the world.

I love breathwork because we don't always have to get into the spinning story of the mind; we can simply work with the body and breath, and allow emotions, sounds and movements to bubble up, move through, and BE GONE.

Breathwork is a simple tool that involves manipulation of the breath pattern and speed. Breathing using this method helps you to access your body, and therefore the unconscious mind.

Having someone guide your breathwork session makes a world of difference. In our sessions we'll go slow, we'll get resourced, and we'll breathe together to make lasting changing in our lives.

As an empath and an over-feeler/under-expresser, breathwork has made a huge difference in my life. It's brought me into more safety in my body, and freer expression of my creativity and soul. Breathwork clears out old stagnant reactions of fight/flight/freeze, and helps you live a life that's in alignment with who you really are.

How you might feel after a breathwork session:

🔮 like a veritable cream puff in which the cream is pure inspiration

✨ connected to your guides & higher self team

💦 cleansed of stuck, stagnant emotion

🦁 strong and resilient

👻 free from anxiety, fear & limiting beliefs

🌎 ready to take action on your soul’s work in the world

👶🏻 compassionate & tender toward your inner child’s needs

🌈 embodied and in-flow

There are so many benefits to breathwork. It’s a space where you can work through anxiety, fear, heaviness, numbness, and sadness. It’s medicine for feeling, releasing, & getting back to a baseline of feeling good.

Right now the world needs us to process old emotional pain, to get past our mental fuckery & limiting beliefs ... so that we can truly live into our heart’s desires and purpose.

In Feel to Heal, you’ll experience:

  • less overthinking and more connection with your body

  • opportunities for fuller expression

  • emotional release and digestion

  • less stress held in your body, mind and energy body

  • more clarity on your desires and goals

  • an increased capacity for joy, gratitude and pleasure

Sign up to release limiting beliefs, and to experience more joy, gratitude, and embodied presence in life.


We'll meet four times, for 60-minute sessions, 10am PST/11am MST/1pm EST on Thursdays.

August 15, 22, 29, & September 5.

You will receive the recording if you can't make it live, and you’ll have access to the recordings in a tidy and user-friendly course platform.

Bonuses! 2 audio meditations

  • sensation meditation/resourcing into pleasure

  • inner child healing meditation

Who am I?

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I’m a certified sexuality coach with a focus on heart-centered empowerment and embodiment. I work with tantric techniques and modern psychological integration tools (emotional liberation, inner child work, aspecting, breathwork, ritual, self-pleasure practices, tarot, and more) to bring you results. I believe in a holistic approach: working with body, emotion, mind and energy.

My zone of genius is in helping women reconnect with their bodies, hearts, and wombs. My breathwork sessions are designed to help you safely release limitations and blocks, while contacting your soul’s desires and bridging them into reality.

What women are saying …

The energetic breathwork Lynn has lead me through has been some of the most significant experiences of all the breathwork I have done over the years and I felt real change immediately after the session. I put this down to Lynn’s powerful energy and the gentle sacred space she holds.” - Laura

My work with Lynn is the most important work I’ve ever done for myself. I went into it hoping to get some insight and to maybe change a few things, but I can not stress enough how life-changing this was for me. I did not realize how my past relationships conditioned me to think that I was unworthy of my own love and pleasure. Lynn allowed me to drop into those past feelings with what felt like the warmest arms (even if it was over webcam). I felt that support and that she was really holding space for me.

Working with Lynn brought actual change I can see and feel within me. I am forever grateful that I found Lynn for this work: she is soft, inviting and I never felt like I was being judged for expressing what was going through my head. She shared some of her own experiences that made me feel like I wasn’t alone with my struggles, and went over and beyond with resources and books for me to further my work. I’ve been coached throughout my whole life and this is the most meaningful work I’ve done so far. I recommend this work with Lynn to every woman that has felt disempowered by society’s social norms, and who have the itch inside them for total reclamation of their bodies and feminine power.” - Myriam

During the journey you'll:

  • learn two transformative ways of breathing

  • discover how to move stuck, stagnant emotions so you can come to the other side feeling expansive and inspired

  • resource into the present moment and into the body (for a sense of safety and calm)

  • work with feeling and moving the sensations in your body

  • learn how to work with intention and sound

Whether you’re a new or experienced practitioner, I’d love to hold space and guide you in this transformative journey. Join us!