Connect with energy, sacred sexuality, and your true Self with Yoni Egg Practices.

These audio practices will change the way you feel about your yoni and sexuality.

Developing a regular yoni egg practice will:

  • help you develop trust in yourself around your sexual choices

  • deepen your experience with sexual energy

  • give you access to transcendental sexual experiences

  • introduce you to yourself as Divine

  • give you more sensation and pleasure in your vaginal walls, cervix and g-spot

  • connect you with your intuition

  • assist you in reaching long-lasting orgasmic states

  • leave you satiated and whole after self-pleasure, rather than feeling depleted or broken

The first time I used my yoni egg, I found myself wondering if I’d been slipped MDMA.

I felt tingling from my head to my toes. Each little sensation bloomed and escalated. Even my vision became different: hazy, diffused. I felt the edges of my body dissolve, and I was part of a watercolor painting. Even though I didn’t have a traditional climax (that 3-10 second “genital sneeze” we all strive for), that didn’t matter. There was no need for that. I was elevated, infused with bliss. I felt like I was making love with an invisible god. I felt like a goddess.

As you can imagine, my yoni egg and I became fast friends. Not every practice is like that, but surprisingly, many are.

For me, the yoni egg opened up a path to a different kind of masturbation practice, one that was focused on slow, full-body pleasure, rather than a quick, get-it-done climax.

Need a recommendation on where to buy a yoni egg? Email me and I’ll give you my favorite woman-owned supplier and a 20% off discount code. You can sign up at the bottom of this page for a free jade egg charging and blessing meditation too!

Yoni Egg Practices

These yoni egg practices combine everything I know about using yoni eggs for personal healing and expanded orgasm. These are practices you can listen to again and again, to connect with your original, blissful sexuality.


Basic Yoni Egg Practice - $20 USD

In this beginner's practice, you'll learn how to string and insert your egg, as well as how to tell if your yoni is open to a practice. You'll experiment with isolating different muscles in the vagina, and end with a ritual to release old, stagnant energy.


Jade Egg Energy Orgasm - $30 USD

This is one of my favorite practices. In the audio, you’ll experiment with new ways of touching yourself and learn the microcosmic orbit for surrender. You’ll expand and circulate your pleasure to experience ecstasy. This practice is for you if you want the full Jade Egg experience, from slowly inserting your egg to learning new pleasure strokes.

Purchase both practices for $44 USD.

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