Welcome to 3 Secrets to Empowered Tantric Self-Pleasure!


Day 1

Welcome to Day 1! Today I'll offer a few exercises to get you in touch with presence, emotions and sensations during masturbation.

Everything I present in these videos is meant to assist you in deeper pleasure, more self-love, and a deep sense of sexual sovereignty. Enjoy.

Day 2

In this video I present a couple of breathing practices you can try, right along with me—and how to incorporate them into your self-pleasure for more presence, healing, and expansion of pleasure.

Day 3


Today I'll talk about the power of intention to heal and experience full sexual expression.

If you’d like even more support …

Please check out the guided self-pleasure practice, where you can incorporate all three of these teachings into your own masturbation. This is a powerful practice that will take you further into your own body, and into presence, breath and intention!

If you have any questions or would like to share an experience, don’t hesitate to reach out.

I hope you enjoyed the series and found it valuable to your empowerment and pleasure! If you’re interested in deeper work around your sexuality, please check out my offerings below.