The Wild One of You

There is a wild one in you, one who dances by the fire. One who gets down in the mud and kisses the earth. One who swims naked in the moonlight.

One who hasn’t forgotten.

One who is as human as she is sacred. As dirty as she is divine. One who is animal, connected, all-knowing.

She lives in your spine. Your womb. She sways, she’s all hips and softness and she doesn’t care how she looks because she is pure fucking fire and fire does not care what you think of it.

Fire just is.

It doesn’t ask permission and it doesn’t second-guess.

Who is the one of you who knows? Who is decisive. Who follows her path with the quiet power of knowing. Who holds the truth of her family and community with love but with healthy distance, all the while holding herself, coming back to herself, moving from her own inner flame.

This is a chance to place your fingers in the dirt. To dig up the seeds that have been planted in your soil without your holy permission. To hold them tenderly for what they’ve been to you, and release them into the river.

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A moment where you can choose. Can I be my own holy mother? Your spine like a tuning fork, charged with alignment, springing into place, supporting you. Your womb unfettered, filled with only you, your holy energy and expression.

It is not selfish to be your own. It is not disconnected. It is in fact our only chance at true connection, to lead from our guts, to walk our paths, to be as YOU as you can, to continually uncover your totality, your uniqueness, your sacred contribution to this world.

Deep Pleasure and sexuality coaching are spaces to uncover the power that’s hiding in you, waiting for you. This power is unshakeable, connected, rooted, primordial, just, benevolent, loving and protective. Those of us who want to change the world are on a mission now. We are needed. You are needed. Accessing this power means your voice will be heard.

The sacral chakra and the throat are intimately connected.

Join me in staking your claim. In belonging here. In hearing your Self, in being heard.

Are you in?